How the ParkingLibre app works

The ParkingLibre app gives customers the opportunity to book a parking place quickly and efficiently. It is the perfect solution for drivers to conveniently purchase a parking ticket in a regulated parking zone in certain cities with maximum security, using just a few clicks. Additionally, the app also offers customers the opportunity to reserve parking spaces in advance, making the customers’ experience much more straightforward.  The first step is to download the app from Google Play or App Store. The next step is to thoroughly read and understand the instructions. Once these two steps have been followed, you are ready to use the App.

botón para descargar app ParkingLibre en Google Play
botón para descargar app ParkingLibre en App Store

Pay regulated parking – S.E.R. / O.R.A. / Blu Zone . with ParkingLibre step by step

As soon as you have downloaded the app and completed your registration, the process of purchasing a parking space will be much smoother. The main benefits of this app are that you can purchase a ticket from the comfort of your car and you don’t need to route around your bag, looking for coins. This eliminates the inconveniences of parking.  The parking controllers can check your license plate on their terminal and will know that you have paid the fee. It’s as simple as:

    • Accessing the menu located in the upper-right margin and clicking on «Aparcar en la calle».
    • Selecting the area where you are going to park. Don’t worry, the application has GPS.
    • Adjusting the time you need and the proportional amount in the circular selector of the app.
    • Confirming your purchase and enjoying your parking.
smartphone mostrando menú de app de ParkingLibre
smartphone con selección de pago regulado en app de ParkingLibre
smartphone con selección de pago regulado en app de ParkingLibre
smartphone con selección de pago regulado directo en app de ParkingLibre

Following international security standards required by banks and credit / debit card issuers, our payment method allows customers to purchase a ticket with maximum reliability. If the time limit in the parking lot and the rate allows it, you can extend your parking time from your current location using your cell phone. This eliminates the inconvenience and time-consuming task of returning to the parking meter. 

For your convenience, you can activate notifications. This allows you to receive notifications informing you that your time slot is nearly up and you must return to your car or extend our services. This prevents customers from receiving fines for going over their time slot. Other notifications you may be sent are,  if you have received a fine for exceeding the permitted limit. Another benefit to having your notifications switched on is that you can pay for the cancellation of fines in the app. A record will be kept on your profile so that you are aware of all payments that have been made. 

As an additional advantage, you can register more than one license plate (in case you use a personal vehicle and a company vehicle, or you use more than one car at home). The app also gives customers the opportunity, to schedule a monthly statement of your transactions.

How to reserve a parking space with the application

ParkingLibre also allows you to find a parking space at the most appropriate price, in advance or at any time. These are public parking lots very well located and with maximum security.

Book a parking space step by step

You can book a parking space from the web or from your cell phone, with the application. In the web menu you will find the option «Parkings» (or «Reservar Parking” in the app) and through that you can locate the parking lot that suits you best by typing the city or moving around the map.

  • Select the date and time of entry, as well as the date and time of exit.
  • Check the amount it will cost to make a reservation, this gives you the opportunity to compare the price between different parking lots.

Confirming your reservation is a very convenient process, but the biggest advantage is that you don’t have the stress of driving around trying to find a parking space. In addition, the information on each parking space available in ParkingLibre is incredibly detailed, this allows you to be fully informed on the time slot and the parking details.

smartphone mostrando menú de app de ParkingLibre
smartphone con selección de aparcamiento en app de ParkingLibre
smartphone mostrando la pantalla de confirmación del tique de ParkingLibre

Other advantages of ParkingLibre

Furthermore, to facilitating the payment of regulated contactless parking in a very efficient way and keeping a record of your tickets, ParkingLibre offers you additional advantages that can create a more enjoyable parking experiencE.

    • Specific solutions for merchants and collectives, as well as for resident management.
    • If metering solutions have been implemented, the occupancy status of the regulated parking zones is displayed in real time.
    • Updated information on incidents, breakdowns, transport, pollution, etc., with the tariff variations that these parameters may cause.
    • Where the city ordinance allows it, the possibility of recovering the unused amount of the ticket.
    • When the criteria is met, customers have the option to cancel complaints from the app.
    • Allows customers to pay the exact amount of the ticket, without needing to reload the balance beforehand.

    In which cities is ParkingLibre available?

    Currently you can use ParkingLibre to pay for regulated parking in Madrid, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Barcelona Metropolitan Area (Barcelona, Badalona, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern, Esplugues de Lobregat, Castelldefels, Montgat and El Prat de Llobregat), Albacete, Conil de la Frontera (Cádiz); Punta Umbría, Islantilla, Isla Cristina, Moguer, Valverde Del Camino, Minas De Riotinto (Huelva); Caleta De Vélez (Málaga); Puerto De Garrucha (Almería); Sopela (Bizkaia); Santillana Del Mar (Cantabria); Elche (Alicante) and Zumaia (Guipúzcoa).

    In the future, we are looking to expand our services to many more cities. To see if your area can access the app, please insert your location into our app.

    If you have any questions about the registration or any aspect of the app, you can also contact us by writing an email to

    Our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you!